Capital Management

Service Icon We use established capital planning tools to manage your capital projects. We create the approval actions, the schedule, and budget. By recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting optons to our clients, we ensure work is completed on time and in budget, exceeding our client's expectations.

FF&E Procurement

Service Icon Regardless of the facility, our procurement team team ensures that your products are purchased at the best value. We coordinate with owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to complete each project within budget and on time. We source, bid and execute each item, ensuring timely installation.

OS&E Procurement

Service IconWe engage the owners and operators in determining what is needed for the project's first opening order and also maintain an item listing for future reorders.  We prepare an itemized OS&E budget. We source, bid and order OS&E items, expediting orders and arranging installation, including "room in a box".

24/7 Reporting

Service IconAt Jaguar Hospitality, we know the importance of accurate and timely reporting. That's why we give our clients access to 24/7 Reporting online. Our proprietary, web-based management system is on a cloud server and available on any device that has web access.

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